I can’t go to a brothel so let’s have sex with a sex doll


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I can’t go to a brothel |Corona | The new coronavirus will change brothels, now it’s time to be filled with love dolls

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Sex doll from a brothel
For those who want to go to a brothel or are interested in it, love dolls are a new form of customs.

■ Corona’s now love doll

Do you want to go to a brothel now?
I’m sure there are people who are interested in prostitution but have never been there.

However, this year it has become difficult to go to a brothel, although it is not so much due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

I think it has eased a lot now, but even so, if you say that you were infected by prostitution, you will lose your social status in an instant.

In today’s world where it’s hard to go to brothels in Corona, and I don’t know what will happen next year or next year, I may have to live forever in the shadow of infection.

I believe that love dolls are needed as your partner to replace future prostitution.

■ Sex dolls are partners

I am a love doll lover.
I also have several daughters at home.

I enjoy having sex with these girls every night without going to a brothel.

Ragdolls are not like ordinary Dutch wives.

The elaborate girls, made of materials such as silicone and tpe, look like they are no longer alive.

Above all, the style is good and beautiful, and there are a wide variety of dolls that look like anime and those that represent small children.

The skin is the same as the real one, and you can feel more comfortable.

Naturally, love dolls are all-you-can-eat vaginal cum shot.

This is not a sex doll masturbation.
Unmistakable sex.

There is no need to worry about infection, and if you buy a doll, it will not cost you more, and the cost performance is overwhelmingly better than going to customs.

I can't go to a brothel
I can't go to a brothel
I can't go to a brothel

■ The price of a sex doll is the body

As you can see from the price, there is a considerable difference. Mostly this is due to the material of the body.

Full silicon
Hybrid doll
Platinum TPE

As you can see, there are various body materials.
The highest quality is silicon.

You can enjoy the same moisturized feel as real skin, and above all, the fineness of the facial features makes it unnecessary for a real woman.

The material called tpe is a plastic material, and although it feels very close to the skin, it is distributed at a low price, and love dolls are also reasonably priced.

There is an opinion that the odor is a little worrisome, but platinum tpe reduces the odor.

And there is also a hybrid doll that combines silicon and her TPE.

It is a body material that I highly recommend because it is both cheap and quality.

■ Now is the time for sex dolls

It’s very expensive, but well worth it. You may not even have a relationship with a woman anymore.

It also has a warming function, and some love dolls have voices.

You can sleep together, cosplay and take pictures, and your hobbies will expand.

Above all, you can enjoy overwhelmingly heartwarming sex rather than masturbating alone.

If you can’t go to a brothel in Corona, I would be very happy if you would be interested in love dolls every other time.

I can’t go to a brothel so let’s have sex with a sex doll

I can't go to a brothel
Gay sex Doll |Japan is tolerant of gay






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