How much is a sex doll


■ Theme

How much is a sex doll? So I will introduce the price range of love dolls.

■ How much is a sex doll

Is the price of a love doll expensive? Is it cheap? I will give a lecture to you who do not know how many products to buy.

・ Love doll beginner
・ I want to buy a love doll, but I don’t know which one to buy
・ I don’t know why the prices vary

We will answer such questions firmly.

■ Reason for different prices

The reason for the difference in price is the material of the body.

・ Full silicon expensive
・ Hybrid doll middle price
・ Platinum TPE cheap

It’s almost like this.

Silicon is a rubber made from the element silicon, silicone rubber, but it is extremely resistant to deterioration and maintenance is easier than with TPE.

It’s a very realistic love doll, so it’s expensive. If you have money, silicon is definitely better.

TPE is plastic rubber, but cheaper than silicone. And it is said that the softness is closer to the human body than silicon. However, it is said that the color may change if maintenance is not done properly.

The hybrid doll is a combination of these.
Only the head is silicon, and the body is TPE. The head is more realistic, but the body is TPE, which is softer than silicone, and it is also very cheap.

■ Important points [ how much is a sex doll ]

・ The price of love dolls varies greatly depending on the material of the body.
-Choose silicon, which is easy to maintain, cheap TPE, or hybrid.
・ Become a partner in your life.

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how much is a sex doll
how much is a sex doll

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how much is a sex doll

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how much is a sex doll

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