Japanese love doll | Kimono beauty [Tia]



Japanese love doll

Japanese love doll

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■ ① Daughter’s name


Japanese love doll156cm (5ft1 ″) E-cup Sex Doll Tia

■ ② Theme | Japanese love doll

This time I will introduce tia

■ ③ For reference when choosing a bride

Japanese-style beauty with cute black hair

■ ④ Introduction of daughter

Cute-eyed girl tia who looks good with a sword
Hmmm good!

It looks good in Japanese style costumes, so I think you can pick it up for cosplay purposes.

Even though the style is so good, I think the chest is E-cup and has a nice touch.

The reality of having sex with such a beautiful woman is unlikely, and it is encouraging just to be there every day.

Each person has their own way of spending time with their partners, taking pictures and putting them together.

Loneliness is said to be bad for the human body. They spend the night together and get older, so they are always beautiful.

■ ⑥ Summary | Japanese love doll

Important point

・ Kimono beauty
・ Beautiful and cute eyes
・ Pick up for cosplay purposes
・ Goodbye to loneliness

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Japanese love doll Japanese love doll




I can’t go to a brothel so let’s have sex with a sex doll






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