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■ Theme

I recommend sex doll torso

A love doll without a lower body

It’s easy to handle and cheap

There are various types of sex dolls

■ For those who are wondering about purchasing a torso love doll

By reading this, if you are interested in torso type, it will be an opportunity to get to know more. Check out this love doll, which is easy to handle even if you don’t know it.

■ Light and easy to handle

Did you know that there is a torso type love doll?
The torso type means that there is no lower body.

What are the benefits?

After all it is easy to handle.
Since there is no lower body, it is easy to handle because it is short and light.

Also, it feels really good for a woman who can see her face and have sex more than the lower body type.

It seems that people who have a propensity to like women without such limbs also buy it.

It’s also common in ASMR works.

If it is a cheap sex doll, it may have no face or it may be easy to make, but the quality of the torso type made by a solid love doll maker is different.

Let’s take a look at the gem of the torso type

55cm/1ft10 Silicone Sexy Torso Caris with Head S31

55cm/1ft10 Silicone Sexy Torso Becky with Head S31

Blonde Torso Girl Amor 85cm G-Cup Aurora

sex doll torso
sex doll torso

WM 85cm F-cup Legless Torso Sex Doll Body, Choose A Face to Match!

sex doll torso
sex doll torso

■ Important points

・ A love doll without a lower body or both hands and feet is called a torso.
・ Easy to handle and easy to have sex
・ Popular with people with special habits

■ Summary

I’ve seen torso-type love dolls so far, but how was it?

The price is also cheaper for sentences without a lower body, but considering the material etc., I think that life size is more profitable.

However, I think that it is a big merit that it is surprisingly easy to have sex.

Some people may think that having legs is an obstacle.

Check out the torso-type love doll, which is relatively easy to play quickly and quickly.

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