Lolicon Difficult to live | A sex doll that I definitely recommend to you


■ Theme

Today is a sex lolicon Difficult to live who have difficulty livingI will write about.

By reading this, I would like you to know that people suffering from lolicon have the option of being a love doll.

■ Propensity does not heal

I think it’s a very difficult habit to be called a lolicon and to have a lust only for adolescent girls.

Recently, things like extension of enkou dating, such as daddy activities, are widespread. It can also lead to very dangerous incidents.

Crime is not good. I do not deny that there are such feelings, but it is also related to the character formation of girls, so you should obey the law.

However, it is also true that these habits do not go away.

Overseas, we are moving toward eliminating these habits, and Japan is still a loose person.

Regarding two-dimensional creation, I have survived with the magical word of the constitutional interpretation wave, “I am over 18 years old.”

However, it is well known that sex crimes in Japan are overwhelmingly lower than in other countries. Moreover, it is decreasing year by year.

I think this is because of the diligence of the Japanese people, rather than the abundance of adult works, doujinshi, adult-related items, and other alternatives.

It is also difficult to get close to women these days. Even if you confess, you may be seen with strange eyes when approaching a society or women who are said to be kokuhara.

On the contrary, I accept such a tendency and think that it is more important to build a cushioned society.

That’s why you should use love dolls.

■ Sex dolls are diverse

However, I also think this.
If adult works and douujinshi are so popular, that’s fine.

I feel that it is not enough.

This is because love dolls have the satisfaction of having sex.

After all, it just enriches masturbation for others.

The satisfaction of sex must be experienced with the whole body.

I’m a sex doll lover, and my play style is listening to ASMR works.

There are some distant heroes who shouldn’t respond, but I take the method of supplementing various situations with voice.

sex dolls of any appearance are legal in Japan.

My theory is that I will get along well because my propensity will not heal.

■ Summary| Lolicon Difficult to live

In recent years, political correctness has become popular, and the activities of people with sexual minorities are being accepted by society.

I agree, but at the same time, I think it should be aimed at people who are not legally allowed to be lovable, such as lolicon and pedophile.

No matter how tight the tightening is, some people can escape, and there are many repeat offenses.

It doesn’t heal, this is the basis.

It’s certainly not good, but it shouldn’t be bad in itself.
But legally not allowed, of course it is.

I would say that there are sex dolls that can inflict indelible wounds on real girls.

Sex dolls are no longer overwhelmingly beautiful, young and erotic than real girls.

I really want gentlemen to check out the existence of love dolls.

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