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Will love dolls be regulated today? It is regulated overseas! ?? I will write about.

Very recently, sexual regulations have become stricter. Of course, it should be appreciated to deter crime in the world, but it is not surprising that the shoulders are narrowed.

Meanwhile, love dolls are not regulated in Japan. So you can buy whatever paper you have, but what about overseas?

■ Some states are regulated in the United States

“Love dolls that look like children” are regulated by the states in the United States

A doll that looks like a little girl is no good.
I don’t think it should be regulated from the perspective of crime deterrence, but it seems that political correctness is very active overseas and this trend will continue to intensify.

There are no restrictions in Japan, so you can buy any love doll.

I don’t think there is any problem in other Asian countries. However, the wave of political correctness covers the world, so it may be regulated eventually.

Lovedoll japan

■ Japan’s future love doll market

I think the love doll market will continue to grow in the future.
That’s because the number of singles is increasing.

It seems that the number of single men is increasing in the United States, China, and India, and it is developing into a social problem.

Late marriage or unmarriage is progressing, and I think it is quite difficult to reverse this.

Living with people is quite stressful and it costs a lot of money to raise children, so it will be quite difficult only for wealthy people.

It doesn’t matter if the wealthy people don’t have a partner, so I think the number of people who are rich but single will increase.

In such a case, this love doll has a big effect and role, and I think it will be a great help for single men.

Lovedoll japan
Lovedoll japan

■ Summary Lovedoll japan

Lovedoll japan
It’s not just a doll that can have sex, it’s not just an adult goods.

A bigger role, it’s always with you as a partner with whom you live.

Having a family and having a pet is a very high risk, and there are many people in the world who are comfortable living alone.

So I’m really against it, rather than the regulatory trend.
In particular, dolls in the shape of Lolita girls may be eliminated.

However, as I said earlier, these habits cannot be changed, so I think that satisfying your sexual desire with a love doll will lead to a reduction in crime.

If you want a love doll that looks like a little girl, we recommend checking it out early.

I think it’s okay in Japan, but please be aware that there is a concern that you will not go against the trends of the world and move in that direction.

Lovedoll japan
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