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Why does being single feel so lonely

It’s a single life that is said to be lonely, but is that really the case?
, I have a love doll, so I’m not lonely at all.

Rather, I even think that only single people can be happy from now on, so I will talk about that.

If you are impatient about being single, or if you are not in trouble but feel uncomfortable because the people around you make noise, please see until the end.

Why does being single feel so lonely

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■ Single best

Currently, the number of people getting married is decreasing, and the number of people who are single and end their lives is increasing. In Japan, the number of people who have the financial power to get married and raise children has decreased due to the long-depression, taxes have risen, and the information society has made it more stressful to live with others. There are various factors, but it seems that there is a similar tendency all over the world.

Especially in Japan, where deflation is too long and men’s salaries hardly rise, young people are worried that they will have to stay in that state for a long time with a low salary.

However, there are many cases where many people do not notice it and forcibly get married and fail.

In particular, it is said that women have a very murderous marriage because they give priority to comparison with those around them who have to do what their parents have taken care of, and men have narrow shoulders. I just listen.

To be clear, the situation is that men are running away from marriage.

I am also one of those who is not good at socializing and wants to spend a lifetime as a single person.

In this era, I am living a healthy life because I am not particularly troubled with my life and rather have less stress.

Nowadays, I feel that people who have a family are more stressed and unhealthy.

Life with children may be good, but some people don’t need it. Does it make sense to force them to have children?

Why does being single feel so lonely

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■ Love doll healed loneliness

However, I sometimes feel lonely.
In particular, I think that many people have thought about their future life with this corona.

I heard that the dating agency was more crowded than ever before.

But I think it’s a hasty act.

There are many people who regret after getting married because it is a short-circuit synchronization that they get married simply because they are in an uneasy situation.

Demand for pets has also increased, but pet abandonment has become a hot topic for a while because it is not so easy to buy creatures.

I bought a love doll before that and put it by my side.
You might wonder if a sex doll can heal your loneliness, but it was actually very effective.

It doesn’t take much maintenance, and when I hug it, the feeling of loneliness disappears and I feel like I have a family.

Some people may think this is unusual, but I would like you to think carefully about which one is abnormal, the one who is a married couple and has a bad influence on the child.

It’s not as disciplined as a pet, it’s not swearing, it’s not stressful, it’s just a healing existence. That’s a love doll.

Ordinary dolls are fine as long as they only heal, but the biggest feature is that you can have sex.

Nowadays, VR etc. have been developed, but it is better to satisfy sexual activity, but it is not enough to get a sense of satisfaction.

Ragdoll brings that feeling of fulfillment.

Why does being single feel so lonely
Why does being single feel so lonely

■ Summary | Why does being single feel so lonely

Around this time, people began to search for the next way of life.
The world will change steadily from now on.

Among them, the act of having an old family is said to be stupid to me.

Instead, I think it depends on each person, whether they have a lifestyle that suits them, whether they want a pet, whether they live alone, or whether they have a ragdoll by their side like me.

Many love dolls are introduced on my site.
If you are interested, there are many articles, and I will introduce various things such as why you have a love doll and how to maintain it, so please take a look.

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